Tom Gurnee

Tom Gurnee is a Los Angeles, CA, based SAG-E, theatrical and commercial actor who is known for portraying men that are determined and driven.  Tom has studied with some of the finest acting instructors in the world including Tony Knight of Sydney, Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Arts and Tom Ardavany at The Approach Studios in Los Angeles, California.

Tom began acting in Houston, Texas, at the Chris Wilson Studio for Actors. Chris and her longtime partner and fellow actor, Jim Jeter, recognized Tom's innate talent for acting.  They immediately cast him for roles being played at the Actors Theater of Houston including his supporting role of Noah in N.Richard Nash's play, "The Rainmaker".

Tom moved to New York City and studied at The Actors Institute for over two years.  Tom's strong square jaw and driven personality landed him several roles playing military characters such as Lt. JG Daniel Kaffee in Aaron Sorkin's, "A Few Good Men" and Lt. Barney Greenwald in Herman Wouk's play, "The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial".  Other notable roles included Phillip in Lyle Kessler's play, "Orphans".

In 2010, Tom moved to Los Angeles after living several years in San Diego. Tom continues training with the best at The Approach Studios with Tom Ardavany and working privately with director, writer and producer, Stephen Mitchell.

Tom is typically cast in lead and strong supporting roles due to his determined disposition, rugged good-looks and lean physique.  He has done television, feature length films, several independent short films, industrials, commercials (both national and local) and voice over work.  He has been likened to such stars as Steve McQueen and Christian Slater.  His lead role of "Riley" in the feature film, "Young Gentlemen Explorers", premiered June 7th, 2012 in Los Angeles.

Tom has also had lead and co-starring roles on Spike TV's television show, "1000 Ways to Die", where he played a Russian Chess Master in the episode, "End Game", and the Discovery Health Channel show, "Broken Minds", where Tom plays the role of "Dr. Matthews" in the episode, "A Forgotten Life".  Tom most recently played "Kirk Wakeman", an arrogant, conceited politician lead role in the short film, "Driver Wanted" and another lead role as a 1920's Chicago mobster in the short, "St. Valentine's Day Massacre".

Tom speaks Russian and lived and worked in Russia before beginning his acting career.

Tom is author of a book entitled, "Moving to LA for Acting".  This book was written to assist new actors that are or soon will be moving to Los Angeles to pursue their acting careers.  It may be found on Amazon here:  https://goo.gl/aemiHE

Tom is an avid photographer and his work may be seen via his personal photography website:  www.thomasgurnee.com.
Tom Gurnee